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When 16,000 Fans Received Hacked Links, NFT God Suddenly Attacked Them

nft god-yu xian-slowmist

On January 15, NFT God tweeted that he had lost all of his encrypted assets and NFTs as a result of hacking into Twitter, Substack, Gmail, Discord, and wallets. Hackers had also posted phony links using accounts they had hijacked, NFT God said.

He thinks the Ledger was compromised because it was configured on the new PC as a hot wallet rather than a cold wallet and the mnemonic was imported and utilized in the wallet on the networked machine.

He specifically went to download OBS, a popular video streaming program, onto his desktop computer in order to live stream some video games. During this time, he allegedly clicked the Google sponsored link that led to the breach.

After downloading and running the OBS.exe, he continued to watch the video for a few hours without noticing anything strange till NFT God was alerted to the hack by the Twitter account Klöss.eth.

According to NFT God, the hackers sent two emails containing compromised URLs to their closest 16,000 supporters, which caused a significant loss of trust.

NFT God expressed regret for delaying the purchase of a new cold wallet as the cause of the unintended damage. But even with a cold wallet, he added, his entire digital universe would still be erased.

The main cause, according to Yu Xian, the founder of the security firm SlowMist, is that the computer is running a game software that has a Trojan horse, and since this computer is connected to the Internet, it is possible for hackers to steal the mnemonic of the encrypted asset.

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