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Ecosystem Annual Summary, Polkadot Predicts Growth in 2022


The Polkadot ecosystem currently comprises 2,500 monthly active developers, 74 parachains, more than 300 dApps, spanning more than 550 projects.

More than 350,000 XCM transfers have been sent since the launch of the safe cross-chain interoperability XCM (Cross-Consensus Message). In 2022, SubStrate will receive up to 1,000 fork-free upgrades, 15 of which will be on the Polkadot blockchain.

On the blockchain technology stack, more than 200 teams are currently creating or deploying purpose-built blockchains. The community has contributed more than 130 million DOT and over 300,000 KSM through crowdloans to support parachains' auction bids, which is a significant vote of confidence in the Polkadot ecosystem's future.

This year's notable ecosystem adoption successes included alliances with Astar Network and NTT DOCOMO, Efinity and Square Enix, and Kilt Protocol and dena news. These successes showed why Polkadot is the best platform for the rapidly increasing Web3 potential.

Throughout the year, the ecosystem teams, initiatives, and dapps on Polkadot showed its position as a pioneer in DeFi, NFTs, identification, gaming, privacy, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), supply chain, and many other use cases.

In addition, on August 8, 2022, Manta Network introduced the biggest blockchain-based trustworthy setup in the world, including 177 nations and more than 13,000 participants.

The ecosystem's market-leading upgradeability and governance features have enabled nearly 1000 smooth, forkless upgrades of SubStrate blockchains to date, including 15 on the blockchain in 2022, demonstrating that blockchain technology can develop at the rate of innovation.

To assist DeFi, the ecosystem also established the decentralized trading platforms Polkdadex and Equilibrium and integrated Tether and USDC. OpenGov, the upcoming blockchain governance system, is anticipated to go live soon.

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