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With Two CEX Listings, Dash 2 Trade Prepares for Early Launch and Raises $7 Million Through Its ICO


Investors interested in Dash 2 Trade is growing, the project's primary offerings—coin intelligence, on-chain analytics, and a signaling dashboard—are prepared to go live, the project's product development roadmap is on pace, and a line of trading platforms is waiting to list its token. Because product development is proceeding ahead of schedule, the hard cap has been increased.

Stopping at stage 4 causes the hard cap target to drop to $13.4 million. For two key reasons, the team is lowering the hard cap.

First off, the crucial presale analytics dashboard is completed earlier than expected, allowing for a quicker rollout and the immediate use of investment monies earned during the presale for marketing.

The altered market conditions, which are related to the first reason, show that Dash 2 Trade's products are exactly what retail investors need right now to conduct in-depth due diligence in the wake of the FTX fiasco.

As will be discussed further below, opportunities arise from out-of-market setbacks, and Dash 2 Trade plans to take advantage of them.

As momentum increases toward the last milestone, the increased aim means that more than half of the hard cap has already been attained.

Additionally, LBank and BitMart have already agreed to list the D2T token after the presale is over. These exchanges have given their promises to Dash 2 Trade.

In light of these events, the Dash 2 Trade team has decided that there is no need to delay the release of its premium dashboard terminal because it is the perfect product for the market at this pivotal moment for cryptocurrencies.

The presale dashboard beta will be made accessible in the ensuing weeks in order to do this, and the presale will expire earlier than anticipated. Users will be able to start evaluating the dashboard's primary feature through the beta.

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