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World ID By Worldcoin Represents Novel Development Identity Identification

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Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, co-founded the open-source protocol Worldcoin, which has introduced World ID, a new decentralized identifying system, as well as the SDK that will allow programmers to integrate the protocol into their platforms.

Worldcoin claims that the difficulty of online identification has increased due to the development of AI and generative software.

Global ID, a global digital passport that stays locally on the owner's phone and is enabled by zero-knowledge encryption, provides proof of personhood.

The recently launched World ID is a mobile app that users can use to validate their identity without giving up their anonymity. According to a statement, it is the core identification protocol supporting Worldcoin and is supported by zero-knowledge encryption.

With the help of World ID, users will be able to sign in to websites, mobile apps, and cryptocurrency dApps without having to provide their names or email addresses. The decentralized identity system now accepts iris and phone number verifications as the main credentials.

The latter, the brains behind the Worldcoin movement, is supported by The Orb, an open iris imaging technology developed by the tech company Tools For Humanity (TFH). The World App and the Worldcoin Foundation are currently advised by TFH.

It is the main method used to verify users. They can, however, use less accurate techniques like phone number verification.

The Worldcoin project aims to create the largest financial and identity system in the world by offering the universal basic income (UBI) cryptocurrency to everyone who consents to have their iris scanned.

By rewarding companies for scanning customers, Worldcoin's operator program expands Orb distribution. There are currently 1.3 million sign-ups, the report states.

Orb is only accessible in Argentina, Chile, India, Kenya, Portugal, and Spain, as well as at blockchain and identity conferences, whereas Worldcoin is still in beta.

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