XRP presently makes up 20% of the trading activity on Upbit, the biggest exchange in South Korea, according to CoinMarketCap. A portion of more than $221.3 million of Upbit's overall $1.1 billion in turnover goes to XRP on the Korean exchange. Comparatively, that is approximately ten times as much as Ethereum and twice as much as the second-placed cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Since late last week, XRP trading has been unusual on South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. This began a few days after XRP had an increase of more than 25% in a short period of time on March 21. It's noteworthy to note that bitcoin is mostly traded here against the South Korean won, the nation's official currency (KRW).

At the end of the week, the crypto market as a whole gave in to selling pressure, but XRP was still outperforming it. At that time, it was discovered that XRP trades represented more than 30% of Upbit and Bithumb's volume, which is roughly equivalent to $350 million.

In spite of everything, XRP remains the most profitable token over the last seven days, ranking among the top 10 and the top 100 largest by market capitalization.

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