Data from XRPL Services shows that the number of XRP account holders has broken the 4.5 million mark and is currently at a record high of 4,506,842. Thus, 160,000 new accounts have been added to the list of XRP holders in the two months that haven't yet ended since the end of October.

In addition to bringing new users into the ecosystem and boosting activity, the rise in the number of XRP accounts is also causing a little rise in the amount of XRPs held in these accounts and a decline in the amount of XRPs blocked in Ripple escrow accounts.

XRP accounts now have 56.283 million tokens. 43.7 million tokens in total are still frozen in escrow accounts. There are presently 1,005 vacant accounts, which is a modest but rising amount.

The recent adoption of the new standard, XLS-20, has led to the development of the NFT market on the XRP Ledger, which is also constantly expanding. The total number of XRPL NFT offers since the start of December has risen by 8.24% to 85,876, of which 13,959 are buy offers and 71,917 are sell offers.

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