SOL has so far risen today by 1.8% from yesterday.

Solana (SOL) has set the support level at $11.301 and the resistance level at $11.595 on the hourly chart. The rate is currently quite near to the higher level, indicating that bulls may have discovered the local bottom.

A break of the resistance might propel expansion to the $11.60-$11.70 region if nothing else.

There are currently no reversal signals visible on the daily chart. Investors should concentrate on the crucial level at $11, as a break of it could result in a decline to the $10.80 level. This scenario is applicable through the conclusion of the following week.

If the candle closes close to or below the $11 level on the weekly time period, Solana (SOL) is prepared to continue declining. If that occurs, the support level at $9.10 may be the next place where bulls seize the initiative.

Currently, SOL is trading for $11.46.

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