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Recognizing Crypto Bag Users and Their Perspectives


The paper-money economy encountered real competition for the first time since the seventh century during the internet era. When Bitcoin (BTC) made its debut in 2010, the fiat ecosystem faced challenges in both maintaining the investment ecosystem it had helped create and demonstrating its value in day-to-day transactions.

The crypto ecosystem has attracted individuals from many walks of life over time, meeting their individual financial demands and bridging the gaps left by the fiat economy. The first group of Bitcoin millionaires persuaded investors to focus on the developing ecosystem as the majority of the world stood by, seeking to understand the full potential of cryptocurrencies.

Different kinds of investors have emerged as a result of the flexibility to stick to what is financially sensible, each of which may be identified by the motivations driving their cryptocurrency purchases. Maximalists, hodlers, fomoers, and traders are the four primary groups of mindsets of crypto bag holders based on the overall attitude followed by investors.


Numerous investors first saw a true peer-to-peer monetary system on the day Bitcoin demonstrated its superiority across borders after being utilized as a form of payment on the dark web. The promise to continue with Bitcoin and see it defeat the centralized organizations—returning power to the people—followed.

The name "Bitcoin maximalism" originated from this unwavering support for Bitcoin and the conviction that BTC is the only genuine alternative to the fiat economy. The community has repeatedly been exhorted to hodl their assets during the bear market by Bitcoin maximalists. Instead, they frequently advise buying the dip, which is making cryptocurrency investments when the market is performing poorly. The advice has held up over the past ten years.

Maximalism has, however, not just taken over the Bitcoin ecosystem but also a sizable portion of other crypto ecosystems. A belief pattern similar to Bitcoin maxis is shared by investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have dedicated years to the development of their favored blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The few top cryptocurrencies that have attracted devoted maximalists throughout the years who continue to preach the power of their particular tokens are Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and XRP (XRP).


Hodlers are the kind of cryptocurrency investors who favor long-term holdings. This kind of investor concentrates on gradually accumulating cryptocurrency tokens rather than fearing the infamously turbulent market movements.

Hodlers are widespread in the crypto habitats and are regarded as the most hardy of the lot. The goal of hodling for new Bitcoin users is to accumulate at least 1 BTC over time. Ultimately, Bitcoin hodlers hope for a time when their investments will yield a return that is unthinkable in a standard fiat environment due to numerous halving cycles and the resulting scarcity.

Other cryptocurrencies seem to provide a better chance of realizing this ideal because they allow investors to amass a large collection of tokens with relatively little investment capital. During bull markets, the majority of Gen Z and a sizable portion of millennials prefer to invest thousands of meme tokens in the goal of striking it rich.


Fomoers are a subset of investors who frequently make the worst investment decisions. The term "fear of missing out," or "FOMO," denotes uneasiness related to price changes.

By design, investors have a tendency to respond negatively to every market circumstance. These investors buy more tokens as cryptocurrency prices increase in the hope that the trend will continue. This strategy does not, however, always provide positive outcomes. They frequently wind up purchasing the top and selling the bottom as a result.

One must thoroughly research the market and ignore the noise of false information if they are to break free of this attitude. Furthermore, well-known crypto entrepreneurs frequently advise against FOMOing and urge the public to concentrate on the greater picture.


These are the most straightforward investors, concentrating only on current pricing in pursuit of potential profit margins. To determine how the markets will respond, traders closely watch market sentiment, fresh information, and rules.

Whether prices are rising or falling, traders are prepared to profit from market changes by making long or short deals. Trading necessitates the use of liquid tokens, which forces investors to keep a sizeable portion of their assets on cryptocurrency exchanges. The FTX disaster of 2022 serves as a reminder that self-custody is the best method for keeping cryptocurrencies safe.

In truth, if a cryptocurrency holder knows the right approach, they can possibly make a lot of money purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. See how users of Cointelegraph Markets Pro were able to generate 120x profits using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and news indicators for trade opportunities.

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