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Wallet Addresses Belonging to Hackers are Discovered by BitKeep as the Cause of Leaks


Key Ideas:

  • The user immediately identified the security leak's cause.
  • Via an APK bundle, hackers can take over the phone.
  • There are currently 2 wallet addresses used by hackers.

Following the team's initial examination, BitKeep stated that it is believed that some users' APK downloads were commandeered by hackers and that malicious packages were deployed.

Apps that consumers download or update may have been hacked if user cash are stolen Unknown version (unofficial release version).

The platform also suggests that customers move money to wallets that they have downloaded from other authorized shops (App Store or Google Play). Additionally, users must use the freshly generated wallet address because the address produced by the apk can be compromised by hackers.

Security firms have currently found 2 hacker wallet addresses connected to the BitKeep incident. There are 2,896,386 USDT, 166,010 DAI, and 2,310 BNB in the first wallet address. The remaining address contains 2,553,109.32 SHIB, 190,055 USDT, and 537 ETH.

This morning, the BitKeep Web3 Multi-chain Wallet was under investigation for a security flaw that may have exposed the wallets of BitKeep users, as was updated in a previous Coin Aquarium News post. In its official Telegram group, some users have said that their money was taken.

The BitKeep team has confirmed that they have observed this and are looking into the issue right away. According to the site, the BitKeep Security Fund would provide complete compensation if the platform causes asset loss.

The multi-chain wallet for BitKeep has been breached previously. The BitKeep Swap multi-chain wallet was breached on October 18. The hacker's attack was stopped despite the development team's rapid action and efforts to prevent it. However, the attack that targeted BNB Chain resulted in damage of around $1 million.

The incident is still under investigation and the latest information is still being updated. Follow me to get the latest information.

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